Professional expertise creates competitive
     advantage_ _

     In past several years, Chun Hsin has been
     focusing on new product and technology
     development. Despite the fast changing market
     environment, we are able to cope with new
     challenge with our competitive advantage.
     Product quality is closely related to
     manufacturing facility and technology level.
     Chun Hsin continuously brings in world leading
     tube production equipment. From compression
     to final products, tube heading, printing,
     coating, gilding to sealing, the whole production
     process is operated by experienced
     technicians, ensuring the consistency of
     production and quality.
     Chun Hsin leverages leading computer system
     and CNC equipment to offer more
     comprehensive services, such as
     manufacturing of various kinds of tube, lid and
     mould, self production of colour master batch,
     art design, film output and plate making, with
     an objective to match all requirements of
     customers through one-stop service.
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