2006The large scale Guangdong factory was built with leading edge design, becoming a new milestone for Chun Hsin¨s development.
     2005Taipei manufacturing site moved to new location. Additional advanced production equipment significantly enhances the productivity.
     2004The construction of Guangzhou factory started. 36 production lines can be installed in the 50000 square meters of construction area.
     2002Chun Hsin purchased 40000 square meters of land in Panyu, Guangzhou to build new factory, aiming to achieve the goal of international development.
     2001The new Shanghai factory started operation. Chun Hsin continues to bring in advanced automatic production lines.
     2000Chun Hsin purchased 30000 square meters of land in Shanghai Qingpu industrial Zone for building the new factory, aiming to meet the needs of fast growing tube market.
     1998Chun Hsin further expanded its operation and established factory in Shanghai to enhance service quality and provide products fulfilling customers¨ needs.
     1995Chun Hsin established factory in Guangzhou to meet the demand of China market.
     1989Chun Hsin Plastic Tube Co. Ltd. was established in Taipei, specializing in the production of packaging plastic tube.
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