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Berlia Fan
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Special Features Gysers
Berlia Water Heater has been designed to give you a life time of trouble free service. It is backed by our firm commitment to innovation and quality product.
Geysers are manufactured under stringent quality control according to condition laid down by bureau of Indian Standards.

Space gap between the inner container and the outer mild steel casing is insulated by best quality resin bonded fibre glass wool which gives you the better quality and save electricity.

Inner Tank
It's deep draw capsule type tank is design to withstand high pressure in high rise buildings.

Safety Devices
Berlia Water Heater comes with a host of safety devices to ensure your safety at all time. The operation of these devices is here. A) Thermostat maintains the water temperature Automatically.
B) Thermal cutout cuts off electricity if thermostate fails.
C) Pressure release valve: Regulates pressure level inside the Gyser.
D) Fusible plug melts & release the internal pressure if the thermostate and thermal cutout fails.

Technical Performance
Capacity (Ltrs.) Loding K (Watt) Voltage Mixing Factor Mean Hot Water Output Tem°c Reheating Time In Minutes
15 2.0 230v 50Hz
1ph ac Supply
35% 45° C (min) 75 max
25 2.0 230v 50Hz
1ph ac Supply
35% 45° C (min) 90 max
35 2.0 230v 50Hz
1ph ac Supply
35% 45° C (min) 110 max
50 2.0 230v 50Hz
1ph ac Supply
35% 45° C (min) 135 max

Dimension In MM
Berlia ( Metal body)
  6 Ltr. 10 Ltr. 15 Ltr. 25 Ltr. 35 Ltr. 50 Ltr.
A 198 198 225 225 305 305
B 115 115 205 260 345  
C 400 400 510 575 660  
D 230 230 305 305 350 350
E 254 254 317 355 406 432
F 75 75 75 75 75 75